# Solidity Starter Kit

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A starter kit for Ethereum Smart Contracts development

# Development

# Install dependencies

npm install

# Usage (using Truffle)

Open the Truffle console

npm run truffle:console

# Compile

npm run truffle:compile

# Test

npm run truffle:test

# Usage (using Hardhat)

Open the Hardhat console

npm run hardhat:console

# Compile

npm run hardhat:compile

# Test

npm run hardhat:test

# Code Coverage

npm run hardhat:coverage

# Linter

Use Solhint

npm run lint:sol

Use ESLint

npm run lint:js

Use ESLint and fix

npm run lint:fix

# Use web3 console in your browser (i.e. to use MetaMask)

By default it takes contracts compiled with Truffle.

To use Hardhat compiled contracts change ./build/contracts with ./artifacts in bs-config.json

npm run dev

# Flattener

This allow to flatten the code into a single file

Edit scripts/flat.sh to add your contracts

npm run flat

# Analysis

Note: it is better to analyze the flattened code to have a bigger overview on the entire codebase. So run the flattener first.

# Describe

The describe command shows a summary of the contracts and methods in the files provided

surya describe dist/SampleContract.dist.sol

# Dependencies

The dependencies command outputs the c3-linearization of a given contract's inheirtance graph. Contracts will be listed starting with most-derived, ie. if the same function is defined in more than one contract, the solidity compiler will use the definition in whichever contract is listed first.

surya dependencies SampleContract dist/SampleContract.dist.sol

# Generate Report

Edit scripts/analyze.sh to add your contracts

npm run analyze

The inheritance command outputs a DOT-formatted graph of the inheritance tree.

The graph command outputs a DOT-formatted graph of the control flow.

The mdreport command creates a markdown description report with tables comprising information about the system's files, contracts and their functions.

The sol2uml generates UML class diagram from Solidity contracts.

# License

Code released under the MIT License (opens new window).